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The Future
of Healthy

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Global Recipes for
Modern Health

Nourishing yet delicious, our Chef-made creations bring flavors from around the world serving up Salads, Wraps, Bowls, Sourdough Toasts, Sandwiches, Dips to Cold-Pressed Juices daily. Whether you are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Plant-Based, Keto, or just hungry, Freshly has something for you!

Our Team

Our team is led by Chef Stu, who has years of culinary experience in the kitchens of Haoma, Nutri-Chef, and is the former head chef of Vistro. As a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist, chef Stu is committed to improving people's lives through healthy eating, without sacrificing flavor. He brings us flavor-packed dishes inspired by his favorite dishes from around the world. 

Chef Justin, Chef Mum, and Chef Mook bring us 25+ years of culinary expierence from Ocken, Roast and Harvest, to name a few. They have also trained under some of the best chefs world-wide, including Paul Bocuse. 


Food As Art

At Freshly by Praya, we believe food is art. The ingredients are the colors, the plate is the canvas and our Chefs are the artists. Order today and experience our expression of healthy eating! 

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Our Signature Dishes are Made From-Scratch Daily with Quality Ingredients

Organic Kale, Antibiotic & Hormone-Free Chicken, Free Range Eggs, Sashimi Grade Fish to Nitrite-Free Bacon, and more to come!

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Now at Emquartier

Find us at EmQuarter in the Gourmet Eats area or on delivery platforms: Food Panda, GrabFood, Lineman, & Robinhood

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